1. They Get Nervous And Depressed About The Guilt

If you look changes in the behavior of your partner then it could among the cheating signs that they are nervous or feeling depressed about the mistake they are making. They don’t eat much or have insomnia.

2. Unusually Blaming You

Your guy is unusually blaming you if something happens at work or home and making you feel lousy.

3. Change Of Passwords Frequently

If your spouse is changing his/her emails, messages, cell phones or social media then he/she may be trying to hide something from you.


4. They Don’t Watch Movies And Shows About Fatal Affairs

If your partner is refusing to watch TV Shows and Movies about fatal relationships and affairs then it could be a sign of cheating. Ask your partner to watch some shows and during the shows, if He/She get uncomfortable, squirm in the seat and do other uncomfortable reactions then you to pay attention to your relationship.

5. Sleeping Late At Night

If your partner is getting into bed at late night hours then it could be one of the cheating signs. They are communicating with another person when you are sleeping off.

6. New Smell In Clothes

If you smell some new in his/her clothes then it could be a sign that your partner is spending the day with another person.

7. They Don’t Spend Time With You

This one is the obvious sign of your partner cheating on you. If He/She is not spending time with you or saying that they were at some other place wandering by themselves then you need to pay attention to your partner.

8. Paying More Attention To Their Appearances

If your partner is always concerned about his/her looks then it could be sure that he/she is going out with another person regularly or spending time with them.

9. They Are Keeping Eye On Your Activities

If He/She is keeping eye on your activities or concerned about your locations like ‘Where you are?’ and ‘When you will be home?’ then it’s a sign of cheating. For cheaters, time management is key. They don’t want to spend time with you so they arrange their time with another person when you are busy with your activities.

10. They Suddenly Have A Busy Social Life.

If your spouse starts spending a long time in the social media then it could be a sign that he/she is busy with another person texting and chatting with him.

11. Making New Routines And Habits

If your guy is changing his/her habits or routine then you need to get little concerned about this. Making new routines and habits is a sign that they are willing to rearrange their life with a new partner.

H/T:  Noonecares