12 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is A Keeper

When you’re lucky enough to find the girl of your dreams, fight like hell to keep her in your life. If you manage to land a girl who is not afraid to call you out on your shortcomings, then she’s definitely a keeper.  Don’t be the idiot who gets the girl of his dreams and ends up letting her go in the end. You shouldn’t be foolish enough to not realize a great girl when you see one.

There’s no support system quite like a supportive girlfriend. She lifts you up when you can barely stand on your own two feet,  She wants you to always be happy and she understands that you also need to spend a night out with your  friends every once in a while and she’s totally cool with it too.

She just has that cool and charming effect on you. She always brings out the best in you because you always want to be the best possible version of yourself whenever you’re with her. You listen to the same songs, and you never argue about what TV shows to watch. You share the same sense of humor, If you find a girl who knows how to make you laugh at any given moment, she’s definitely worth keeping.

When you find a girl who manages to trust you with her heart and feelings, don’t betray that trust.  It’s going to take a lot of time, effort, and commitment, but trust me when i say that she’s worth it.

Here are 12 signs that your girlfriend is definitely a keeper

1. She corrects you when you’re wrong

2. She believes in you and your dreams

3. She respects your friends and the time that you spend with them
4. She calms you down when you’re upset

5. You share the same tastes in movies, tv, music, art, and pop culture
6. She and you laugh at the same jokes

7. She puts her trust in you

8. She never asks you to choose between her and your family.

9. She forgives easily

10. She is not clingy

11. She avoids gossiping around

12. She doesn’t freak out about your past