12 Main Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In You


Nothing hurts a woman than being dumped by a guy she thought liked her with no explanation given. There may be some things that you’re doing which are, unbeknownst to you, destroying your relationship. And of course, you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it’s there. Make sure that you always maintain a sense of self-awareness in your relationship.

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Here are a few key reasons as to why your man may be growing disinterested in you and in your relationship.

1.  You don’t have much physical chemistry.

Physical intimacy and chemistry is very important to a lot of men. If you just don’t do it for him in the bedroom, then he is going to lose interest fairly quickly. It might not be because you’re bad at sex. It might just be because you don’t mesh well together.

2. You are too needy

Men love needy women so that they can feel they have the ability to provide for their women. However, being too needy is a turn-off. If your guy realizes that you are the extremely needy type that is always begging and asking for things, then he’ll definitely run for the hills and pull have only you to blame.

3. He still lingering feelings for his ex.

It’s always difficult to go into a relationship with someone who is still harboring feelings for an ex. You are left defenseless against a person who is supposedly stuck in the past. The best you can do is to try to create a nice new beautiful experience for him to help him get over her.

4. He’s just not the type of guy who commits

Sometimes, it all boils down to who he is as a person. There are just some men who lose interest in relationships because that’s who they are. They are people who find themselves unable to commit to a relationship for a long period of time. Sometimes, it’s just beyond your control.

5. You are bothersome

No man wants to come home to a nagging woman. It is a great contributor to men losing interest in woman. Men want they peace of mind from time to time and with a whining woman, that’s hard to get.

6. He went through a significant personal experience.

Sometimes, a life-altering experience is enough to completely destroy a relationship. He may be going through some personal problems that he hasn’t revealed to you. Sometimes, these distractions are enough to really keep him disinterested in relationships.

7. You made it too easy for him.

Some men are severely attracted to the thrill of the chase. If you make it too easy for these kinds of men, they will get bored of you fairly quickly. They are attracted to challenges and so you are going to have to present yourself as a challenge to keep them interested.

8. Your dates are always boring.

First, you have to make sure that your dates are fun and exciting. If you guys are constantly bored on dates that are repetitive and constantly filled with awkward silences, then yes, he’s going to grow disinterested in you.

9. You don’t know how to carry a fluid conversation with him.

Communication is very important to a lot of men. If you find yourself unable to have a fluid and easy conversation with him about anything, then you shouldn’t really be wondering why he’s losing interest. Perhaps you just don’t jive on a mental and spiritual sense and that’s why he’s getting disinterested.

10. You came on too strong a little too quickly.

A lot of guys can get intimidated by women who are a little too forward and aggressive when it comes to dating. If you suspect that he’s that kind of guy, then maybe you should dial things back a notch. Give him some space to breathe and let him take his time.

11. There are other things that are piquing his interest.

He may be a little caught up with his hobbies or his career. It’s not that you are a bad relationship partner, it’s just that his life is a little hectic at the moment and he is choosing to invest his interests in other aspects of his life.

12. He found a more interesting girl.

This is a possibility that you are always going to have to take into consideration. Maybe the reason that he is growing disinterested in you is because he found someone more interesting than you.

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