1. If You’re Unavailable, They’ll Want You More

If you’re involved in a serious relationship with a person, the answer to your issues isn’t to act distant.

Instead have a talk with your partner to begin with!

Love shouldn’t have to be a game and you guys should be beyond that.

2. “Just Don’t Give Him Any”

Withholding sex as punishment for your partner is just a bad idea.

It’s likely to do more damage to your relationship than teach him a good lesson.

3. Marriage Advice From Single People

They may have good intentions, but they don’t always understand where you’re coming from.

4. “Lower Your Standards After A Certain Age”

You should probably stop taking advice from this friend in general.

Women who stay single longer tend to make better choices when it comes to men, not worse ones.

5. Never Go to Bed Angry

Fighting when you’re both sleep deprived? That’s a great way to make things worse.

Agree to table the argument and catch some Z’s. You might think clearer in the morning.

6. “Women Shouldn’t Travel Alone”

Don’t let this piece of bad advice keep you from exploring. The world is a safer place than you think for travelers

7. Money Advice From Someone Struggling With Money

Isn’t it interesting that they are the most likely to give it?

8. “Having A Baby Will Bring You Closer Together”

Most women who followed this advice will tell you that, more often than not, the opposite is true.

9. “Hire My Cousin, He’s Cheap”

If you don’t want to pay him, the professional you had to hire to fix his work, and the restaurant you have to take your friend to so you can say sorry for how nasty things got during the lawsuit, you’re better off taking only professional recommendations when it comes to repair jobs.

10. ‘Don’t say that to him/her unless you want to seem crazy’

Communication is key to every relationship, and there’s nothing crazy about it.

11. Make him/her jealous’

When you’re having problems in your relationship, whether it’d be feeling that person is cheating or not paying enough attention to you.

The answer is never to manipulate that person’s emotions.

Jealousy won’t get you anywhere. The quickest way to solve a problem is to discuss it openly with your

12 . “We Probably Won’t Get Caught”

We all took this advice from one of our trouble making friends when we were younger.

However, we’re all too grown to have the criminal records, legal consequences or expensive tickets that go along with making really bad decisions.

Source:  MadameNoire   ,  Bustle