11 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Womanizer


1. He comes to you hot & seduceing.

The womanizer style. He flirts, he woos, he seduces. You are the special kind of object he’s been waiting to find. You will feel irresistible, appreciated and wanted. It’s a heady drug and hard to say no to. But this guy…

2. He pulls back if you don’t seem into it.

Say he’s courting you and you’re maybe a little hesitant? Just like that he will walk away but just far enough to hear you say, “Well, wait a second, i might be able to  date you…”

3. He’s amazing when it’s brand-new date.

Once you’ve started things with a date/kiss/sex, he seems likewise to be all yours. His attention is fully on you because, my dear, you are the newest part of his collection. Beware, though, it won’t be long before his fancy’s struck by another potential addition.

4. He often maintains “transparency.”

After the initial phases,  Womanizer do this in service of honesty and so they can feel like a nice guy but they’ll continue to make you feel just special enough that you might one day be the one to “win” them.

5.  He will reappear if you disappear.

Say you’ve had it and you start to pull away. You will probably hear from the Womanizer just as soon as you think you’re over it. It will be a short, sweet, low-effort communication but just enough to make you think they want to keep you around. And they do. Just not that much.

6. He’s a good communicator.

He doesn’t answer all your call or texts, but when he does, it’s sometimes cool at best. Until … he wants to see you: The sexy endearments return and you think you were just imagining the iffy correspondence.

7. He adores you when you’re together.

Of course he does. He’s opened his case and taken you out to enjoy.  He’s perfect in your presence and you want to be all his.

8. He likes to be in control. 

 They’re careful, protective. A Womanizer only shows you as much of himself as he can bear. If you have a date where he gets more open or vulnerable than usual and you think you’re making progress, beware: he’s about to pull away for a while.

9. He likes you when you’re not messy.

They like when you’re fascinating but not too complicated. The second you have a real problem or express a real need, you’re sullied in their eyes.

10. He never really ends things.

If you’re not on his “crazy” list, he won’t really cut himself out of your life. No, you won’t hear from him with regularity. No, things won’t necessarily progress to a deeper level but he will always let you believe that he might someday want a real relationship.

11. He cancels plans.

A Womanizer flake because they like the opportunity to spend time with all their women. If he breaks dates or doesn’t make plans, that’s why. Don’t buy other excuses.

Source:  Your Tango