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11 Types of Kisses And What They Say About His Feelings

11 Types of Kisses And What They Say About His Feelings

Each kind of kiss is an expression of beauty, love, friendship, compassion, and sensuality. You might consider kissing like the gateway to love, sex, or unification.

Kisses open possibilities and, in some cases, close them. What does his kiss mean? Here are the 11 types of kisses and what they say about his feelings.

1. The Peck

A quick peck can mean so many things. It can be a hello or goodbye to a friend, partner or family member. It can also be the sign of an angry or distant partner. The lack of a kiss. You’ll know based on the person who gives you the peck whether it’s a sweet hello or a cold “I’m upset with you.”

2. The Biting Kiss

The lover or partner who bites slightly at the edge of your lip is playfully telling you he or she wants more. More sexual interaction. More attention. More fun. It’s a kinky kiss and it’s one that demands your attention and ups the game. When someone kisses you this way, it means he or she is very into you and wants to play. Now.

3. The Side Kiss

Someone who kisses you on the sides of your lip is either short on time or rushing, or (most likely this case) teasing you in a sensual way. This person wants a gradual sexual buildup. This person takes his or her time trying to approach his or her partner.

4. The Neck Kiss

Hot damn! For some of us, this is our spot. If it’s not “your spot,” it’s still an intense kiss. When someone kisses you on the neck, he or she wants you sexually. This is not a friendly kiss. This is a not a “breakup kiss” or “an angry kiss.” This is an “I want you in bed kiss” and I’m going to take you. A person who does this is making a bet that you feel the same.

5. The Angry Kiss

That furious kiss that happens when two people who are utterly pissed at each other and arguing grab each other and kiss sloppily, intensely and a little bit aggressively. There’s only one kiss like this and it only happens during or after a fight. Never before and never when things are nice and peaceful between a couple.

6. The Breakup Kiss

This is by far the worst kiss of all. It’s sad. It’s slow and intense. And usually salty due to tears. This isn’t the somber kiss — the kiss in which someone has clearly started to detach from you. This kiss is the one in which you two are saying your goodbyes face to face, and it’s painful. It’s the kiss that you don’t want to end because once it ends it’s all over. Your story as a couple ends.


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