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11 Traits Of A Cool Girl

11 Traits Of A Cool Girl

There are some qualities that make up the ultimate ‘cool girl’,

Having general knowledge

Intelligence is always a turn on in women. A woman who is aware of the political on goings around as much as she is in touch with the rest of the occurrences in the world is the one most men would kill for.

She has her own life

‘Cool girl’ is independent, and doesn’t rely on her partner to make a life for her. Reasonable enough; after all, having no life outside the partner dynamic will only lead to an unhealthy co-dependence and no way out if a way out is needed.

 She’s good around the house

While a certain breed of man will inevitably respond to this one with a ‘get back in the kitchen’ or predictable sandwich joke, this ‘cool girl’ requirement isn’t actually an entirely misogynistic and dated ideal.

Watching Sports

The moment a woman says how much she loves football; she takes desirability to a whole new level.

 She’s your friend

Because when it comes down to the crunch, your friends are cool. Whatever you believe is cool is, fundamentally, a subjective judgement. The people with whom you choose to surround yourself, both in terms of friends and romance, will be the people you really find cool. You have fun with that person, you likely share a similar base of interests, and you work out misunderstandings in a mutually respectful way.

She’s interested in what interests you

Again, this is less of a golden rule for the cool girl than a basic trait of a decent partner, friend or basic social animal. It’s polite to show an interest in other people’s passions.


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