11 Things Boys Say When They Are Cheating In A Relationship


What are the signs to look for of a cheating man, Here are 11 things that boys usually say when they are cheating in a relationship.

1. She’s just a friend…

You discover he’s been talking to someone new, who is a female. He hasn’t said anything to you about her before you finding out about her and when you ask him if you can meet her, he objects. It’s because she’s really not a friend, she’s a girlfriend.

2. Respect my privacy. Don’t touch my phone…

He doesn’t want you to touch his phone for fear that you will either see text messages from her or that she will send one just as you pick it up. He may even have pictures of her on his phone.

3. You are cheating on me, aren’t you?

Yes, men who cheat will accuse their partner of cheating. Why? It’s because they start to think, “Well, if I can do it, she could do it too.”

4. You aren’t good enough…

All of sudden he pokes at all of the things you do wrong and you have no idea what his problem is. He can’t cheat if he loves you or he thinks that you are good to him. So he makes himself believe that you aren’t good enough for him and that’s why he had to turn to someone else. In reality, you are more than good enough.