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11 Simple Ways To Overcome Depression

11 Simple Ways To Overcome Depression

1. It Isn’t the End of the World: A lot of times when something bad happens in our lives, we catastrophize. A little rain falling doesn’t mean that the world-cleansing biblical flood is on it’s way. Take things as they come, and stay objective.

2. Check your Perspective : Stopping to take an assessment of your situation can stave off the feelings of depression that we often create in our own head. One of the most useful things you can do is talk to someone about whatever situation you think is causing your depression, and get an outside perspective.

3. Be Positive : I know it sounds easier said than done, but maintaining a positive attitude is often the key to avoiding the pitfalls of depression. Attitude is really one of the only things in this life that you have 100% control over – so maintain a good one.

4. Love Yourself: Last, and certainly not least, be kind to yourself. Love yourself for who you are, the battles you’ve won, and especially the battles you’ve lost. You’re amazing just the way you are.

5. Be Open Minded: When we think in terms of black and white, we shut out the possibilities that exist in the middle. Sometimes the answer to a problem is outside the lines of the constraints we keep on our minds.

6. Quit Analyzing Everything: Not everything in life has an explanation, so quit looking for them. Things happen. All you can do is deal with the curve balls as they come.


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