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11 Signs You’re An Old Soul Trapped In A Young Body

11 Signs You’re An Old Soul Trapped In A Young Body

1. You prefer ‘me’ time over weekend parties. While the world is partying the night out, you are probably lost searching the deeper meaning of life.

2. People come to you for pieces of advice on relationships, friendships, or life in general, because of your intuitive and wise nature.

3. Your sense of people far better than any of your friends

4. You let go of things easily and forgive too often. You don’t believe in holding grudges against people, even if they have been extremely mean to you.

5. While the world is lost in pop culture and its music, you prefer to go for the classics.

6. You know that your parents are right when they warn you and restrict you from doing certain things. After all, experience talks.

7. Nostalgia hits you anytime, anywhere, without prior warnings

8. You are more fascinated by the 90s or any other previous era and totally wish, “If only I had a time machine to go back”.

9. You are totally against the hookup and are a believer in long-term relationships clubbed with old school romance.

10. You have a hard time searching the perfect partner for yourself.

11. You are not at all scared of growing old; because in your heart, you’ve been living it for a while.


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