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11 Signs You Are in Love with Your Best Friend

11 Signs You Are in Love with Your Best Friend

Here are 11 ways to know for sure that you’re falling in love with your best friend.

You stare at their lips and wonder what it would be like to kiss them. You wonder how they would taste and how their lips would feel under yours. Perhaps there have even been times when you find yourself leaning into them like you’re going to kiss them, but you pull back at the last second.

Falling in love is kind of like coming down with the flu. You get a funny feeling in your stomach, your chest gets tight, and you feel a little lightheaded at the thought of them.

No matter how nice their latest date is, your first thought is about how wrong they are for each other and how they are not anywhere near good enough for your best friend. When your friend asks you what you think about their paramour, your instant response is that you don’t like them, and you give them reasons why. They may make sense only to you, but you’re going to tell them anyway.

You find yourself reaching out for them for no reason other than to touch them. Since you’re often sharing the same space, it’s only natural that you are in frequent tactile contact with them.


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