11 Signs To Identify If You Are Dating A Boy, Not A Man


It would dependably be best for you to just be dating real men. You ought to be with men who know how to treat you right. These men know what it takes to make relationships to work and they understand that it’s never going to be simple. These are men who might never quit on you just because things are getting little difficult.

So how would you know precisely in case you’re dating a boy, and not man? All things considered, there are a couple of signs that you can look at.

1. He lies to you.

Despite everything he trusts that he lives in a world that would give him a chance to escape with anything on if he tells enough lies. He doesn’t realize that one day, every one of his lies will return and bite him in the butt.

2. He treats love as if it were a game.

He plays with you. He doesn’t consider your relationship important. He toys with your sentiments and your feelings as though you weren’t a real person. He would control you into doing what he needs without respect for how his actions may make you feel.

3. He feeds off of your insecurities.

He decreases your confidence each possibility he can get. He needs you to trust that you are defenseless and useless. He needs you to think that you need him in your life with the end goal for you to survive. He could never do or say anything to lift you up or help your confidence.

4. He only thinks of himself when you’re in bed.

He couldn’t care less about whether you’re fulfilled or happy. He couldn’t care less about giving you orgasms. All he ponders his himself and his experiences. He truly couldn’t think less about whether you achieve climax or not. For him, as long as he’s happy, at that point everything is all great.

5. He doesn’t like to open himself up to you.

He isn’t quite a bit of a communicator. He hasn’t sufficiently developed to realize that communication is an essential part of any relationship. He gets a kick out of the chance to keep his emotions and sentiments to himself at whatever point he feels like it’s inconvenient for him to open up.

6. He is always putting you through tests in the relationship.

He truly doesn’t believe you enough to know whether your affections, feelings for him are real. He generally wants to attempt and test the limits points of your love. He wants to attempt and push you over the edge to check whether you would still return to him.

7. He tries to control you.

He doesn’t need you to have your own particular life. He will limit your freedom however much as could. He generally needs to have full control of your life since he doesn’t need you to do anything that may bother him.

8. He is insecure about himself.

He realizes that he has a great flaws deep down inside but yet he just declines to confront them head on. He wouldn’t like to convey them up to the surface. He needs to suppress every one of his insecurities as much as possible. That is the reason he generally feels like he needs to overcompensate in different aspects of his life.

9. He gets threatened whenever you start having success.

He has a very sensitive ego. He doesn’t assume that you ought to be worthy of praise and success if that it implies that you will be superior to him. He imagines that your prosperity will likewise mean his destruction. He doesn’t see what you have as a partnership as all.

10. He is just coasting through life without any real vision.

He doesn’t have any genuine long-term goals. He isn’t generally working towards anything. He’s not monetarily capable and his career is either stagnant or on a decrease. There is a depressing future in front of him and you shouldn’t have any desire to be a part of that.

11. He avoids difficult conversations with you.

He’s not willing to have the big talk with you since he’s too afraid of being awkward. He wouldn’t like to want to discuss difficult things like finances, feelings, emotions, or plans career. These thoughts threaten him because he is still a little immature.