11 Signs That You’ve Moved On From Your Ex


If you’re still obsessing about what your ex is up to after your breakup, it might be because you haven’t completely gotten over them yet.  When the breakup was fresh, you found yourself feeling really weird or guilty about dating other people. But when you let go of all the anger and bitter feelings for your ex, you know that you are in a happier and healthier place as an individual.

You always made sure to think about all of the grand memories of your romance just to keep them in mind. They would most probably be running through your mind consistently throughout the day. But if you’re truly over them, then you find that you think of them less and less. Most probably, you’re not even thinking about them at all.

Now, you go on dates with new people without even thinking about how your ex would feel.  If you weren’t over your ex, you would constantly be thinking about them.  But now, you couldn’t care less. You have new friends and maybe even a new partner. You might even be comfortable with just hanging out with yourself.

You’ve unfollowed them on Instagram and Twitter.  You’ve erased your ex’s number from your phone. You’ve blocked them from your Facebook.  If you’re no longer interested in keeping tabs on your ex, then congratulations, you have officially moved on.

1. You don’t get all flustered whenever you unexpectedly run into them.
2. You don’t feel guilty or weird about seeing other people anymore.

3. You find yourself forgetting about old important details of your relationship.
4. They no longer constantly occupy a slot on your mind.
5. You don’t feel any anger or hatred towards your ex.
6. You don’t stalk them on social media anymore.

7. You don’t feel the urge to want to hang out with them.
 8. You’ve completely cut yourself from all means of communication with your ex.

9. You finally come to terms with how valuable the relationship was to you.

10. You’ve learned to keep yourself from letting nostalgia get the better of you.
11. You are no longer invested in figuring out who won the breakup.