There is a big difference between having a child and feeling like a parent. It takes a while to get into the swing of things.

There’s no denying the fact that parenthood is the hardest thing most of us will ever endure. Parents put a lot of pressure on themselves to be “perfect”. In parenting, the highs are certainly high, but the lows, oh, the lows are brutal.

There are a million types of parents and parenting styles, here are a few ways to tell if you are, in fact, doing something right.

1. Asking for help

You’ve learned that the hardest part of parenting is asking for help. And if you’re willing to do it, everything is much, much easier.

2. Your Kids Are Dress For School Every Morning

Every morning you dress up your kids with neat and clean clothes. They might be wearing pajamas or colorful pants with mismatch pair of socks, but they’re always in good clothes. And that’s all that really matters.

3. You Know Your Kids’ Friends

You know your kids’ friends and you know which ones to call to play when your kids are in various moods. You know which ones you’d like them to steer clear of. You know which ones are in it for the long haul.

4. You Know How To Manage Your Time

You make time to do something you enjoy. Whether it’s an exercise class you love, sitting on the phone with distant friends, or watching a Real Housewives marathon on Bravo, it’s your time to plug into you.

5. Children’s Successes Is Your Pride

You take pride in your children’s successes. Yes, they’re a struggle, but when your kids succeed, you are proud as a peacock and know that you helped your child get there.

6. You Know Your Mother Intuition

You go with your gut. Call it Mother’s intuition or your gut, but you know you can trust it more than the latest parenting book to hit the best seller’s list.

7. You Never Miss The Beat

Though you make plans, you handle detours without missing a beat. You may panic internally when plans get changed (bye-bye, naptime!), but you’ve learned that parenthood is nothing if not unpredictable.

8. Children Feel Protective With You

Your children feel safe, loved, and protected when you’re around. Because in the end, that’s what they really want from you.

9. You Are Happy In Your Role

This is tricky. We all get down on ourselves and our kids from time to time. But hopefully, you are getting some joy from your parenting. If so, this will show through to your kids in lots of ways. If not, then perhaps you need to work out what is stopping you, then make plans to change the situation. That could be working on your parenting skills (lack of skill prevents many parents from enjoying their parenting), or even getting some professional assistance if you feel that you are stuck in a parenting or personal rut.

10. There are Love And Affection In The Air

Kids need to feel loved and that they are loveable. You let kids know they are loved through your actions and words. Being told ‘I love you’ by an adult you respect and admire is an incredibly reassuring, empowering thing. If your kids get all love, attention, and affection from you, you’re the best parent.

11. You Question Your Decisions

You are constantly checking in your mom skills, wondering if there’s a better, easier way, because you are still learning you’re open to new ideas.

Source:  Popsugar  , Borlem