11 Signs That You Have The Perfect Man


Every lady is searching for the guy who can make her feel like a princess. This guy has manners, intelligence, a sense of humor, and a kind heart. he is the one to carry her once she’s upset and make her laugh when she cries. While each girl has a completely different definition of what her perfect man would be.

Here are 11 characteristics of a Perfect Man

He makes you feel beautiful.

You don’t have to be compelled to be model or celebrity to feel pretty. when you are with him, you are feeling just like the most attractive lady on Earth. He treats you like his princess, and truly so.

He’s not a control freak.

Watch out for the guy who is too generous about “constructive criticism,” has unrealistic expectations and needs to micromanage you. who desires control freak as a partner? Experiencing freedom in a relationship isn’t too much to ask for.

He’s honest.

Forget the yes-man and people-pleaser. Truth is that the foundation of a strong and lasting relationship. It saves you from unnecessary misunderstandings and helps build trust quickly.

He appreciates who you’re.

You are unique and fantastic in your own way. whether or not you wake up the neighborhood from your bathroom singing or like solving Sudoku puzzles within the middle of the night, he accepts you exactly the way you’re. He doesn’t wish to change anything about you.

He keeps his promises.

It is very annoying once a man insists that he will do one thing, but never gets to try to to it. An honest man doesn’t return on his words any time, but walks the talk. Now you should be rest assured that he only makes the commitments that he intends to keep.

He stands by you.

He might not accept as true with your every decision, but supports the choices you make. he is there for you in success and in failure, in health and in illness, in laughter and in tears.

He offers you house.

Psychologists say that having privacy in a relationship is more important than sex. the right boyfriend allows you sufficient me-time, and doesn’t attempt to sneak a peek into your personal diary. He doesn’t want you to lose the “I” in the “We.”

He’s not jealous or insecure.

Who is that guy who texted her in the middle of the night? what’s she doing on a weekday night without me?Did she just check him out? Nope, this man doesn’t waste time on such silly questions. He trusts you and is definite that you trust him.

He gets along side your family.

You don’t need to fret when it involves meeting the family. the right guy puts on his best behavior before of your parents and tries to befriend your relation. Dream come true once he well fits in along with your family on thanksgiving dinners.

He’s interesting.

Life is just too short to be thinking of different things once he’s talking. whatever his interests and passions, he’s exciting and fun to be around. In fact, he can introduce you to a side of life that you haven’t seen before.

 He expresses his love.

He’s just about on top of his game when it involves sweeping you off your feet, yet again. true to his own style, generally which will mean preparing a home cooked meal, surprising you at the airport or just saying “I love you.