11 Huge Mistakes Women Make That Cause Men To Fall Out Of Love


If your relationship is not as happening as it was before, avoid doing these mistakes.  Here are the 11 mistakes women make that make men fall out of love. Take a look!

1. You make him the center of your emotional life

I understand that a relationship is always about two lives but it’s not good to rely on your partner too much. When you make him the center of your emotional life and let yourself depend on him emotionally thinking he is always there for me to fix my mood or make you laugh when you are sad, these common mistakes are enough to push him away. This is one of the biggest mistakes women should avoid.

2. Everyday Drama

Men hate drama and the game women play with them. If you have to ask anything, don’t go round in circles and instead, just ask them what’s bothering you. Men are simple and they don’t like complications. Just be what you are and don’t try to play a character that you aren’t.

3. When you start acting like his mom

You don’t have to be his third parent. Men are free folks and they don’t like too many restrictions. If you are taking away his freedom and not letting him go to meet his friends without having an argument, he may start lying to you and things will get more complicated in future.



4. You don’t appreciate what your man do for you

When a man decides to move in with you, he makes a huge compromise with his regular life. He gives up on his old habits and even avoids meeting his best buddies. He always acts as a fixer and tries to fix things and make you happy. Don’t take your man for granted and understand the efforts he puts in to make everything okay.

5. You don’t let him spend some ‘me’ time

Sure he loves you and the first thing he wants to see after coming from office is you. But if you see him using her phone or laptop and sitting quietly, it doesn’t mean he is not happy to see you. It’s just that he is tired of work and trying to freshen up his mood. Let him do what he is doing because that’s the way he has always been before meeting you.

6. You try to change him

There is nothing more irritating than women try to impress you and then once you both start dating, they consider you as their latest project and starts looking a fix for your habit, routine, and everything. Insulting your man about his dressing sense or table manners will surely piss him off. Even talking about manners is fine at times, but sometimes you gotta make a person feel good for what they are or else it will surely make him fall out of love.

7. S*x has slowed down or stopped

Physical intimacy is one of the purest things in a relationship and it emotionally connects you and your partner. S*x is all about cooperation and If he is not getting his needs for intimacy, he will have a constant reminder in their heads that he is unsatisfied or you have lost interest in him. If your partner feels like it isn’t ever going to change it could make them more and more likely to check out of the relationship and fall out of love.

8. There is no positivity around when you are with him

If you both are always in bad mood and he is not as happy as he is always with his friends, there is something that you both need to talk about. Maintaining a healthy relationship is not as easy as people think, you gotta put efforts when needed to make your partner happy and feel positive.

9. He feels like you don’t admire him anymore

Men want to feel like they’re winning at all aspects of their lives. They are happiest when they feel that they’re succeeding in various fields. And if they are with someone who doesn’t admire him for what they are, it hurts them down. It makes them wonder why she’s even with them if she doesn’t find her man admirable, does she pity me? Is she looking for anyone better than me? If your man feels that you are not attracted to him, it can be a destroyer in your relationship.

10. It’s always his fault

Yes, men often take responsibility and don’t let women do much of work but it doesn’t mean that it’s always their fault if the things don’t turn out the way you wanted it to be. He would love you even more if you accept your fault, and if he is with a woman, who has ego issues, the relationship is never going to work.

11. Overanalyzing anything and checking his phone like a spy

Reading your partner’s chat or investigating the girl whose picture he liked on Facebook, these are not a good sign. If you have anything in your mind, please ask him. It’s better to talk to him directly than being a spy.