10 Weird But Funny Things To Do As A Couple


Be Awake All Night

In the early days of a relationship, you would spend sleepless nights chatting away till the wee hours of the morning. Well, this is the weird thing you can do all over again by spending all night chatting, watching movies, going for a night stroll or a long night drive.

Be Kinky

This is one of the best things to do, get kinky in bed and experience the wild side of eroticism. Making love respectfully is divine, but doing it the kinky way is exploring pleasure and beyond. Dress up in a catsuit, with a whip in hand and start talking dirty to one another, this will be one of your super loving moments.

Take a Bubble Bath

Besides kids, bubble baths are something adults can also have their fun moments. In order to get closer to your partner try and prepare an aroma bubble bath, then both hop in. Having a romantic number play from behind and some wine kept at the side, will make this one sensual moment.

Go for a Couples Massage

All luxury spas around the world offer this spiciest remedy, which a couple can truly savor. There is nothing weird, but romantic like lying side-by-side and watching each other getting massaged in a soothing ambience, by professionals. You can also give each other a sexy tranquillizing massage at home.

Dress Up in a Costume For Halloween

If dreams can come true, why not make nightmares come true? If it’s Halloween night, then get the weird looks and costume of a zombie, along with your partner and hit the roads. Try and become the weirdest couple to win the Halloween night.

Write a Love Letter

A relationship starts off with love letters being exchanged. Well, it may look weird after a lengthy relationship, to once again write love letters to each other. Try this funny method by handwriting the letters, sealing it and then mailing it from the local post office.

Have a fart-off session

This could be a funny choice, but it’s gonna turn up things hilarious in the end. No one is telling you to fart in front of others, but you can do it with each other. Those who fart together stay together. So, break down all barriers and indulge in gross farting, like kids do and have fun.

Make Love in Risky Location

No risk no love. Get intimate when traveling in an airplane, quietly head to the restroom of a bar and makeout, do it on the rooftop or make love in a deserted alley. These are all the risk zones, where making love becomes adventurous and mind-blowing.

Learn to Tango

One dance as a couple you need to practice and that is the sexy Tango. It’s one of the healthiest dance because it increases testosterone level, that triggers you to feel sexier than ever. Body to body and feeling each other’s heartbeat can really heat things up for the better.

Kissing in the Rain

While walking down the streets and it starts raining, just go headlong doing this romantic thing, even though you have an umbrella, just keep it aside and get wet. When you are all drenched in the rain begin kissing one another with the raindrops falling on your head and lips.

H/T: Sarcasm