Let’s take a look at how to tell if a girl likes you and is interested in you.

1. She’s Active On Your Facebook / Social Media

A clear-as-day sign that she’s interested in you? She’s active on your Facebook profile / social media. She’s Liking your recent photos and statuses, as well as really old ones that you totally can’t remember and wished you’d hidden from your timeline. She comments, too. While this might seem like ordinary behaviour at first – after all, isn’t this what we all do on social media? – it isn’t if it’s come totally out of the blue. Especially if she’s liking lots of old stuff, it’s a MASSIVE sign that she’s into you.

2. She Teases You

We learned as kids to tease people we like. It’s fun and in its own strange way brings us closer together. Is she teasing you? It’s a hint on how to tell if a girl likes you.

3. She Messages First

You know those times when you hang out with a girl you really like and really, REALLY wish she’d initiate a new conversation afterwards by sending you a message first? It’s so annoying when she doesn’t. Hey! It must mean she doesn’t dig you. Not necessarily. But if she does message first, you know that she’s for sure into you. This is the big one. If she initiates fresh contact, it means only one thing. After all, there is literally so much other stuff she could be doing! If she wasn’t keen on you, there is no way she’d start a new conversation.

4. She Asks You Personal Questions

It’s only when a girl likes you that she’ll start asking personal questions. She’ll probe you in a bid to get to know you better. Maybe she’ll want to find out more about your past, discover what motivates you, what makes you angry and so on. If you’ve noticed that lately she’s moved away from mere banter towards deeper, personal stuff, it’s a huge sign on how to tell if a girl likes you and is interested in you. She wants to know the real you to see if you guys are compatible.

5. She Sends Follow-Up Messages

There are two types of follow-up messages: 1) The really annoying ones, such as “hello???” 2) The cute ones, where she sends a photo to get your attention.

If she sends either of the above, she’s definitely interested. But naturally, you’d rather she sent the second type. It’s cute and charming. It’s her way of showing that she misses you and wishes you would text her more. Why? Because she totally digs you! So the next time you go a while without replying and she sends a follow-up text, it’s a surefire sign that she’s keen.