Here are some of the basic steps that will help you control your girl when she’s on her periods.

If she gets terrible cramps or back pain, make sure to keep the water bottle handy. Its warmth can be quite soothing and relaxing for her. Hold it for her if she feels like.

Every girl on this earth wants to be pampered and loved. Shower some hugs, kisses and cuddles. Make sure that she feels loved in your company.

She obviously knows better than you unless you’re a medical student of the same branch. Don’t just act over smart. Don’t tell her the do’s and the dont’s. Avoid mentioning any particular set of basic rules that will make her feel better. She needs you, not your theory.

When she is menstruating, she will undergo a lot of body changes and mood swings. It is not her who is freaking out at the very next moment, her hormones are. Let her eat and rest.

Who knows when the situation can turn worse than expected? Afterall, Prevention is better than cure. She’s definitely gonna react according to her mood and that is something you really can’t be sure of. She can be anxious, she can be depressed or she may be agitated. Keep your ideas on a hold for this duration.

She needs to eat when she’s down. It can be quite typical for her to control cravings for her favorite snacks. After all, she may feel exhausted after losing blood from her body. And make sure that you don’t ever look or point over the amount of food she’s eating. This is one of the most important basic steps you need to follow.

We all know how badly cramps can freak her out when she’s on her periods. On top of that, abdominal cramps for some women can be worse than you can think of. Although a woman will rarely run out of painkillers but it’s your moral duty to present them whenever needed. For e.g., Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Advil and Paracetamol.

Cook her meal, drop down her clothes to laundry, do the dishes or help her with any of daily chores. Give her time for relaxation. Let her leave the control over any of the pending work for these days. Try taking over the basic steps of her schedule when she’s on her periods.

Along with rest of the things, she needs a pair of ears who have all the time to listen to her, who wouldn’t judge them, who wouldn’t argue with them and who would understand their circumstances. Be that pair and do not try to control her views. Though listening can be way too typical but you need to do that. And yes, don’t just give your worst reactions on the illogical stuff that she narrates you.

One of the basic steps to control your lady is to bring her these gifts. Don’t just act over smart and bring some other things too. Flowers and Chocolates are her best friends. Keep them ready to lighten up her mood and make her feel taken.

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