With which of these 10 types of relationships do you identify yourself most?

1. Independent relationships

There is nothing wrong with being independent, but a relationship requires compromises and sacrifices. Of course, your partner and you will need their own space and know how to function without the presence of the other. However, the excess of independence is usually a warning sign and lack of attachment between you.

2. Co-dependent relationships

It is evident that they do not know how to work without one another . Every person needs a level of independence. Keeping yourself clinging to your partner, trying to know what to do, say and think every minute will affect other aspects of your life as well as your affectionate relationships.

3. The truly compatible relationships

They are the healthiest relationships. They are based on trust, understanding, empathy and love. Both strive to stay together, understand each other, know each other, respect each other and give in to maintain harmony.

4. Open relationships

In addition to your partner, it is understood that you can connect emotionally and sentimentally with other people. If you are in this dynamic, it is likely that one of you is not ready to get emotionally involved in the relationship . Give yourself the opportunity to be vulnerable.

5. Changing relationships

People involved in changing relationships try to modify their schedules, interests, friendships, etc. To please the other. That is, they do not remain faithful to who they are to try to be with their partner . Relationships require giving in and accepting. The person must love you before entering into a relationship, not after.

6. Toxic relationships

In these types of relationships, both are attracted and even love each other, but are not willing to be understanding. All the time they have different opinions or want different things and they are never willing to give or give space to the other, therefore they spend almost all their time fighting without anyone winning.

7. Relationships “While”

They are two people who do not want anything serious. They are looking for a temporary partner to have fun, nothing more. Many claim something like this after ending a long relationship or a painful breakup.

8. Best friend relationships

In this relationship both are comfortable talking and connecting at an emotional level but without privacy. Sexuality is a vital pillar in every relationship and these types of relationships are doomed to end by not getting such a connection with your partner .

9. Sexual intercourse

In these the opposite occurs in the previous relationships. They do not create an emotional bond so the glue in their relationship is sexual . Unfortunately that adhesive does not last long because, however pleasant it may be, it has nothing that makes it special. So you never want to get attached to your partner and not let go.

10. Long-distance relationships

We all know them and they are real suffering . The difficulty here is to keep alive the feeling of attachment without seeing, touching, kissing or hugging your partner constantly. No doubt it will test your patience.


Before looking for a partner, know yourself and learn to love yourself completely . If you do not like something, change it. Then, when you find a potential partner, know before you start a relationship. If they start to leave, shape the dynamics of your relationship based on shared values, find a way to change it for your and your partner’s sake or, if it is not what you want and deserve, break the cycle by leaving it.