10 Types of Cheesy Girlfriends Who’ll Make Your Life Hell


1. The clingy girlfriend. 

This is the kind of girl who you think would disintegrate at whatever point you’re nowhere to be found. She is continually requesting to be in your presence 247, and she generally requests your attention. She’s for all intents and purposes incapable of carrying on at whatever point you’re not together.

2. The overly dependent girlfriend.

 This is the girl who you know would not survive without you. She is the sort of lady who wouldn’t have the capacity to support her way of life in the event that you weren’t together. She always approaches you for help whether financially, mentally, or emotionally.

3. The user-friendly girlfriend.

This is the kind of girl who just with you so as long as her ulterior intentions are satisfied. She  use you just for what you can offer her. She cherishes you not in light of your identity, but rather what you can give.  If the day comes wherein you neglect to provide for her, she would abandon you instant.

4. The  consistent nagger.

This is the girl who just can’t stop nagging about anything. They are critical individuals who just observe the glass as half-void. They generally mange to see the blame in things and they generally expect the most noticeably awful of individuals. They are always crying/whining about each circumstance that they are in and they are for all intents and purposes the embodiment of the negative image.

5. The girlfriend with a misplaced sense of pride.

She is the young lady who never apologizes. She believes that she is above every other person and nobody is deserving of her. She conceives that she’s the  of individual who favors people with her essence and consideration. She likewise upholds a lost feeling of privilege.