10 Traits That Make A Woman Wife Material


Here are some qualities that you are sure to find in a girl who is wife-material.

So if your girl happens to exhibit a lot of these qualities, then you better make sure that you don’t let her slip away.

1. She is honest with you even when it’s inconvenient.
Honesty is essential in a long-term romance. You don’t want to be married to someone who is going to lie to you and deceive you. You always want to be with someone who gives it to you straight.

2. She isn’t afraid of being open about her feelings and emotions.
You don’t have to play games in the relationship. You don’t have to play the role of a mind reader. If something is bothering her, she is going to tell you about it. If you make her happy, she will let you know.

3. She is supportive of everything that you want to achieve in life.
She will never serve as a hurdle or an obstacle for you to achieve all of your dreams and goals. She is always going to make sure that she pushes you towards everything that you want to get done in your life.

4. She has a great sense of humor.
A girl who knows how to laugh is definitely a keeper. As you get older and all the good looks start to fade, a sense of humor is only going to get better. Who wouldn’t want a life full of laughter with an amazing woman?

5. She challenges you to be a better man.
Always get yourself a girl who really believes in you; a girl who would never settle for your mediocrity. If she’s the type of woman who thinks that you can always do better, it’s because she really sees the potential in you and she only wants what’s best for you.

6. She always maintains a positive outlook on life.
Positivity is rare to find these days and that’s why we must make it a point to never let it go once we find it. If you manage to land a girl who is always optimistic, then that’s a good thing. She can brighten up even all of your darkest days.

7. She is more than willing to compromise and sacrifice for you and the relationship.
Compromise is always important in a relationship. Given that you are two individual beings with distinct personalities, you are bound to have some clashes. But if she is willing to make compromises and sacrifices to maintain the peace and harmony in a relationship, then she’s definitely a keeper.

8. She always acts like her real and genuine self.
You never feel like you have to second-guess her character. She always keeps it real whenever she’s with you regardless of the situation. You always know that she would never act fake because she is always honest with you.

9. She loves and accepts all parts of you.
She doesn’t pick and choose the parts of you that she wants to love. She sees your flaws and your imperfections. She knows that you have a few blemishes but she loves them all because she knows they are a part of what makes you who you are.

10. She takes a chance for you.
If a girl is willing to take a risk on you, then always see that as a good thing. Love is always about taking risks. And if she’s willing to take a risk on you, then that means she’s really serious about loving you.

H/T: RelRules