10 Things You Wish Your Partner Know About Intimacy


1. Intimacy isn’t something you can just flip like a switch.

It takes a whole lot of time and patience for intimacy to reach its full potential. It’s not something that you can have on demand. It’s not something that you can just conjure out of nothing. That’s why you shouldn’t expect your woman to be ready to be intimate with you whenever you please.

2. Intimacy means you also have to be generous.

Intimacy shouldn’t always have to be just about you. Intimacy is best practiced when it is shared. You can’t just always be thinking about yourself when you’re being intimate with your partner. You have to understand that love is a two-way street and that you have to be willing to give just as much as you receive.

3. Intimacy doesn’t always have to mean sex.

Intimacy doesn’t always have to mean a fun night in the bedroom for the both of you. You can also be intimate with each other in different ways. You don’t always have to be engaging in sexual acts for you to be fulfilling your intimacy.

4. Intimacy means we are able to communicate with each other openly.

Communication is a very important aspect of maintaining intimacy in a relationship. When you openly communicate with your partner, you are giving her a safe space to express herself. You are granting her a fortress and a sanctuary for her emotions that you actually have access to.

5. Real intimacy can take time.

Real intimacy can never be rushed. Like fine wine, it gets better over time. Intimacy is not something that you can just spark into fruition. You need to always practice maximum patience when you’re trying t build intimacy with a person over time.