10 Things That Women Want


Here are the 10 things women want but never tell their man:

1. Be thoughtful
When you are in a relationship, you have to be alert to your partner’s needs.

Think about their needs, likes, dislikes, wishes, goals, ambitions and so on.  A woman expects her partner to be thoughtful, but doesn’t he expect the same?

2. Accept my imperfections
A woman is fully aware of her imperfections and flaws, but this is irrelevant. What matters to her the most is her partner’s acceptance.  She would never ask her man to accept her, but she does wish for this deep down.

3. I deserve your attention
If you are in a relationship,  both you and your partner depend on each other for emotional and mental well-being.  You cannot expect attention from anyone else but your partner.  So, making each other a priority is of utmost importance.

4. Talk to me
Men find it difficult to express themselves, and women are much better at communicating.  But, communication is essential for a healthy relationship, and every woman expects her partner to talk to her and communicate things.  While she would never say it directly, she means it.

5. Help me
While most women are independent and capable of doing many things, they cannot do everything on their own.  It is very important for partners to act as a team, whether it is a simple task as going shopping or something as raising a child.

6. I may need a break
Women need time for themselves, be it to get their thoughts together or spend some time alone. This doesn’t mean that a woman is looking for a break-up, but it means that she wants time to recharge her batteries.  She would never speak of these things directly, but expects her man to understand and be attentive of her needs.

7. Lead when I can`t
As already mentioned earlier, modern women are independent, smart, and capable of taking care of themselves.  Therefore, it is no wonder that the role of the partner as a leader isn’t confined to men anymore.  A woman would lead and take charge, but she needs her partner lead when she is unable to do so.

8. I need intimacy
Women need intimacy, whether it is emotional, mental or physical.  She would do certain things to show her need for intimacy, but she would rarely speak about it explicitly.  So, her partner has to understand this and look out for signals.


9. Be proud of me

Each lady wishes her partner to be proud for her, acknowledge her, and value the time and effort she puts into the relationship.  A lady could never discuss these things unequivocally, yet she needs her partner to feel proud with her.

10. Protect me

Protection in this specific case doesn’t allude to monetary or physical security, however spiritual and emotional one.  Women need their man to comprehend them and help them to get destined for success, when needed.  They need their partners to know every one of the insecurities and weaknesses preparing inside them and ensure them and protect them if they fail.

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