10 Things Girls Don’t Want Guys to Know


There is always something that girls aren’t telling the guys that they are with. Some are a bit strange, others are a bit sneaky, but others are downright crazy.

Here are the top 10 crazy things or facts that your girl may be hiding from you.

1. Surprisingly, girls actually enjoy when you don’t call them back the next day, especially if you came on strong the day before. You will be constantly on their mind as they ponder everything that could have gone wrong.

2. On a first date, most girls will refuse to shave their legs. This is the best way to stay out of your bed and leaves you wanting to see them again. Usually they will also wear unflattering underwear on a first date as well for the same reason.

3. At a party, girls will see the sexy women faster than they will see the sexy guys. They always want to know where their competition is and how they stack up against the other girls in the room.

4. There are times when girls will fake it, just so you will let them go to sleep. At times, it may be difficult for them to realize when they are faking it and when they are not because the line of faking it and not is very thin.

5. Girls like sex to be a bit rough. Secretly they are looking for you to take charge and show a bit of aggression. They may never admit it, but they love to relinquish the control to you.

6. Girls will pretend that they need help in order to get you to do things for them. Not only does this make you feel better about yourself, but you are doing something that they do not want to do themselves.