10 Things Boys Do That Make Girlfriends Insecure In A Relationship


Here are 10 things boys do that make girlfriends insecure.

1. Take Too Long To Reply To Text Messages

Yes, you may be busy in a meeting or you might be working out. She should understand that. She just can’t help it sometimes. She’ll feel bad whenever you don’t respond to her messages in a timely fashion. It’s human nature.

2. Tell Them That They Have To Lose Weight

This is a big one. It’s one thing to say that you want her to live healthier and encourage her to workout. It’s another thing entirely if you say that she’s just being fat and has to lose weight. Be careful how you phrase this kind of remark.



3. Hide Your Phones From Them

If you hide your phone from your girlfriend, then that tells her that you’re probably hiding pictures or messages from her.

4. Make Fun Of Their Outfits

Like makeup, a girl will use her outfit as a way to attract her boyfriend. She wants to dress up to feel better about who she is and if you make fun of what she’s wearing, then that creates a dent in her confidence.