10 Things A Woman Should Never Say To Her Man

5. What’s wrong with you? Stupid!

Don’t ever let him down in front of his friends and family members. Guys can’t take yelling in front of others. Trust me a guy tries hard to keep his picture in front of his friends and family. And if you happen to discredit him, you will surely be in the danger zone.

6. He was better

The worst blow out that any girl can ever do to her guy! If you tell him he is not as good as your ex, he will surely put an end to your relationship. He is never going to take back in your life. He is going to mark your words always!

7. I will do it… myself

Guys love to do favours for girls. Be it a little or big favour, they love to pamper you with all that they can do for you. Try to stop him from what he is doing. You will experience the ugly consequence! Don’t make him feel helpless.

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