After all, he wants to be around them his entire life, so why not make a strong bond from now itself? And, this he does not do on gun point, but because he really wants to.

He surely loves to hang out with his friends and enjoys his boys time, but not at the cost of your happiness. His priorities are straight and set; they are ‘you’!

Not because he plans to write a biography on it, but because he wants to stay in the loop and is most interested in you and what goes on in your life. He always wants to be a part of it.

With him you are just you, no pretence, no judgments, and no show offs. You are the person you really are and that is what he really loves about you.

And, not just when he wants to initiate something more! He does it because he feels like anytime, anywhere and never misses a chance to make serious eye contact with you.