1. You go out of your way to make each other happy.

“we used to be long distance. One night I was crying on the phone to him because I missed him so much. At 4 a.M. That morning I got a call saying he was outside. He drove all night to give me a cuddle because I was sad.”

2. You might differ personality-wise but you have some random (and awesome) things in common.

“toward the end of our first date, her friends call her. Her phone rings and her ringtone is ‘dayman’ from ‘always sunny’. She gets off the phone looks at me and asks what’s wrong because I have a dumbfounded look on my face. I told her to call my phone right now. She does. ‘dayman’ is my ringtone. We knew.”

3. Doing mundane things together is not only tolerable, it’s enjoyable.

“we can spend hours upon hours talking about nothing and never get bored with each other.”

4. You’re totally at ease around each other and can be yourself.

“a couple of months into our relationship I was in the shower and she knocks on the door. ‘I need to weeee!’ she says. ‘just come in! The door’s open!’ I reply. She came in, had her wee, washed her hands and then opened the shower door, said ‘nice ass’, slapped me on the butt and left. Right then, I knew I was with somebody really special. That was three years ago and we’re now happily married.”

5. You start referring to yourselves as a “we” without skipping a beat.

“whenever he would speak about the future, he always included me in it. It was never a ‘I’, it was a ‘we’. It was our future.”

6. You’re there for each other during the really tough sh*t.

“until recently I was a total junkie f*ck-up with potential. I spent my 20s using hydromorphone and fentanyl and heroin — amongst other things and was an idiot. But a functional idiot. And she stood by me and I’m clean now. She almost didn’t. I got one chance and I took it.”

7. Laughter is a constant.

“we laughed at almost anything together — the night we decided we were right together was spent in a tent giggling until 5 a.M. Sharing the same sleeping bag. Eleven months on and we’re still as happy as when we first got together.”

8. You have physical chemistry that goes beyond sex.

“on our first date, she stayed over. We didn’t do the nookie times, but I did feel something click as she snuggled in and fell asleep with her head on my chest.”

9. You melt a little when you see your s.O.’s parental instincts shining through.

“a few months into dating we were at a party and a friend was there with his daughter. The way my s.O. Was interacting with her and playing around with her made me realize that I want her to be the mother of my children.”

10. You’re different in all the right ways.

“he balances me out. I run on instinct and he thinks things through. I take him to things he would never go to otherwise and he shows me how to relax. We have so much fun together and he