You’ve found the love of your life.

1. You’ve Prepared Emotionally For This

Maybe when you guys first got together you still had a few emotional wounds and insecurities that were left open and sore. Perhaps you had anger issues that stemmed from being hurt and left frustrated last time around. However, for the new man in your life, you’ve been prepared to work on your insecurities and emotional wounds. And the biggest thing? You didn’t wait for him to come and “heal” you. You sorted your issues out yourself. Why? Because you had a feeling that he was worth it.

1. It Feels Like This Could Go On Forever

“To infinity and beyond!”

That’s how it feels like. There is never a dull moment, and you never feel bored or tired. You feel as though this could continue forever. And that excites you.

3. He Shares Your Values

A surprising amount of people don’t know what their values are. But once you know what your values are, you start to look for people (often unconsciously) who share yours.

How does his values line up with yours? Are they the same? If they’re wildly different instead, it will be a deal breaker somewhere down the line.

4. He Supports You, No Matter What

Got a huge dream that everyone else seems to think is ridiculous? Not him. He’s going to support you, no matter what. He’ll be your biggest cheerleader who will encourage you to dare to dream and scale those heights.

5. You Found Your Purpose At The Same Time As You Found Him

How were you feeling when you first met your partner? What were you doing in life, what was life like?

When we meet the love of our life, it’s often while we’re on our personal journey to finding our purpose. Sometimes, the love of our life enters the picture just when we’ve found our purpose. If you ever listen to successful people talk about how they met their partners, they’ll tell you how they pictured their soulmate first. They pictured everything about them, from how they met them to what their partner looks like. Remarkably, the reality is often eerily similar to these visions.

Crucially, though, these same individuals had already decided their purpose. Once you know your purpose in life, it often follows that the right people – including the love of your life – find you. Why? Because they are a part of your purpose!