Here are 10 signs that your partner is thinking of ending your relationship

Sometimes couples fight and say things they don’t mean in anger. However, if the same arguments keep repeating and ending with this threat it could mean that he is serious about separating but does not have the guts to go through with it.

Sometimes this is a gut feeling, but if he treats you like you are nosy when you ask questions about his life it is an indication that he might have a private life separate from you. Men who are happy with you have not problem sharing details about their life with you.

Even though all relationships lose some of their passionate fizzles over time, your sex life should not be totally flat. If you are not getting any physical affection at all it can mean that he is thinking of leaving or is getting sex somewhere else.

If he is affectionate with you when you are together in private situations but not in public situations he might be trying to portray himself as single to other women.

In the man’s mind, this lack of response is supposed to indicate to you that it is over, without him having to look you in the eye and say so

A man that wants to leave a relationship will constantly find fault with everything you do. Psychologically he has to build a case against you so his conscience can justify leaving you. Don’t put up with him picking on you and just let him go.

If he is not open to others about his relationship status with you on Facebook or even hiding his status then he may be indicating to other women that he is single, and just keeping you “on the back burner” until something better comes along.

If he stops asking you about how your day went, what you are planning to do this evening or how your visit to the doctor went then he is indicating a lack of interest in a future with you.

This is a passive aggressive way of telling you that he is just going through the motions in the relationship.

If your boyfriend makes everything he talks about him and does not use the word we a lot as in “when we get a house” or when “we go on our trip to Barcelona” then he may be trying to portray himself as a bachelor.

H/T: Visihow