Men can be quite subtle, when it comes to showing their love, so read on, and find ten ways that you can tell if he will love you forever.

1. He’s Mr Dependable

You will feel comfortable with a man who will love you forever, because you always know exactly where you are with him. If he says he will do something, then he will do it and you can trust him 100%.

2. He’s also Mr Kind

A man who will love someone forever is also a man who can show kindness, both to you, and to others. He’s basically, a Mr Nice Guy, and he’s not afraid to show it. He will help an elderly person across the road and he will bring you a hot drink in bed, when you have a cold. You can tell a guy that will keep on loving you by what he does for other people, as well as for you, because that shows you his sincerity, as well as his caring side.

3. There are absolutely no secrets

There is absolutely nothing that this guy won’t tell you about himself and he never hides anything from you. He is a completely open book, because he feels no need for any pretence or deception with you.

4. You know you can rely on him in a crisis

Whenever you need him, he is there to help. A man who will stay true to you and love you forever is one who will support you through whatever may be thrown your way, and he would certainly never let you down.

5. He’s a romantic at heart

Not all men are great at the romantic gestures, but if your guy makes an effort to be; then that’s always a good sign. So, he may get it wrong occasionally, but if he’s trying his best, then that can tell you a lot about his intentions.

6. He loves you, flaws and all

When a guy loves your flaws and quirks as much as he loves everything else about you, then that is a guy who will love you forever. He’s not just tolerating some of the rather odd things you do, he loves you even more for them, and that’s because he loves you for who you really are.

7. There are none of his plans that don’t include you

His dream is not to take a world cruise; it’s to take a world cruise with you. In fact, every one of his dreams and his ambitions include you in a central role, because he expects you to be around for a long time to come.

8. He puts you first

You can also tell a man who will keep on loving you by the way that he has made you his first priority. He will still have his friends and his own hobbies, but if it came to the crunch, then it would be you who came first.

9. He hates being apart from you

A guy who will love you forever is a guy who will text you in the day to day that he’s missing you. He won’t pester you with texts though, that would be stalking, but he will let you know how much he is loving and missing you.

10. He fights fair

A man who is fully committed to you will always fight fair and would never deliberately hurt you. He will also admit when he’s wrong and know how to say sorry. He probably hates fighting with you and would rather bring any argument to a swift, and happy end.

H/T: BeautyAndTips.