10 Signs That You Are A Horrible Girlfriend


How many of you are guilty of these? Ladies, we all make mistakes and it’s very human to accept those mistakes.

Here are 10 signs that you are a terrible girlfriend.

1. You are selfish.

Stop thinking about yourself. It takes two to tango, and in this case, your boyfriend has just as much stake in the dance as you. Try to be more thoughtful and more giving. Your boyfriend does not live for the sole purpose of pleasing you. You have to work together as a team in order for your relationship to work.

2. You act too possessive and jealous without reason.

Don’t be the crazy girlfriend who asks her guy’s phone to read messages and email. Don’t open up his social media accounts so you can snoop around. It’s weird. It’s crazy. And it’s the quickest way to have your man run away from you at light speed.

3. You are too clingy.

Are you some sort of cling-wrap? Being too clingy is a great way to destroy a relationship. So if you’re looking to suffocate your boyfriend with your love, then by all means, carry on with your clingy ways.

4. You still flirt with other men.

Why would you still be flirting with other men if you’re already in a relationship? Where’s your commitment at? Do you think it would feel nice knowing that your boyfriend was still out flirting with other women too? You’re just asking for trouble whenever you still try to tempt other men.

5. You demand too much of his time.

Yes, relationships must demand a shared concept of time but you also have to understand that you are still two individuals. The both of you should be able to get some alone time every once in a while. You need to be away from each other to grow in your own individual spaces. This will help make your relationship much stronger.

6. You are always upset or in a foul mood.

Don’t be such a downer. Try maintaining a positive attitude as much as you can. If you’re always in a bad mood, then that means you’re not that much fun to be around. Your boyfriend can only take so many temper tantrums from you.

7. You act like a spoiled brat.

Stop always expecting things to go exactly as you planned. You are not entitled to anything and you should stop being so demanding. Your boyfriend has limitations as to the things he can offer you and you have to be more understanding of his limits.

8. You still lie to him about things.

No successful relationship has ever been built on a mountain of lies. Even if you consider your little fibs just innocent little “white lies”, they’re still lies. Honesty is the bedrock for any relationship, and when you choose to be dishonest, it means that you just refuse to trust each other on anything.

9. You prioritize your friends over him.

He’s your boyfriend. There’s a reason why he isn’t just another guy in your list of social acquaintances. You should never constantly put your friends over him. Treat him special every once in a while and let him know that he’s the one you want for a life partner.

10. You have little patience with him.

Be patient and be more accepting that your boyfriend is only human. He isn’t perfect and he is going to screw up every once in a while. Whenever he does, don’t throw a hissy fit. Try being more patient with him and reassure him of your love for him.

H/T: Relrules