10 Signs That Show He Has Real Love In His Heart For You


If you are unsure whether you have finally found true love, then read these ten signs, that his love for you is the real deal, and not just a passing infatuation.

1. He’s not afraid to show his love for you in public

Public displays of affection are a big deal for men, so don’t expect anything too dramatic from him! What he might do, though, if his love is real, is take your hand when you are walking, or give you sweet peck on the cheek in public. Watch out for these little signs that he’s not afraid to show his affection for you, because these could be the first signs of true love.

2. You trust him implicitly

How you feel when you are around your man can tell you a lot about what he feels for you too. If you trust him 100% and you feel safe and secure when he is around, then trust your own instincts. That feeling of trust that you have in him is probably there because he has earned it, so gaining your trust must be important for him too. If he didn’t really love you, then it wouldn’t be important to him whether you really trusted him or not.

3. He says “we”, more than he says “you” or “I”

Another one of obvious signs of true love from a man is when he starts to say “we” instead of “I”. The use of the word “we” shows that he considers you and him as a team now, and that he is including you in his plans for the future. True love means that you are partners and you work together as a team, and that he is showing you what he wants, when he uses the word “we”.

4. He always puts you first

He will always have his friends and his own interests, but you can tell when a man is in love with you by the way that you come first, even above these things. You are his number one priority in life now and he will be there when you need him. He is showing you his commitment by letting you know that you are the most important thing in his life.

5. His actions say more than his words

Actions are the most demonstrative signs of true love from a man. He means what he says to you and he does what he promises. Anyone can say the words “I love you”, but only when the love is real will a person back that up with his actions. You know that if he says he will meet you at 5pm, then he will be there at 5pm. If he is late, you also know that his reasons for being late are more than just mere excuses.

6. He does things that he hates because you like them

He’ll even start doing things that you thought he hated because that’s how much he loves you. Actually, he probably secretly enjoys them, because seeing you happy and just being with you is what is important to him. True love is being selfless and making your partner’s happiness a priority. Basically, if you are happy then so is he.

7. He enjoys surprising you

Another one of clear signs of true love from a man is when he is full of surprises, he brings you gifts and surprises you with treats. He’s thinking about you all the time, so when he sees something that he thinks you would like, he buys it for you; just like that. He’s not trying to buy your affections; he is just showing you how much he cares.

8. You have been introduced to all his friends and family

When it’s true love, there will be no secrets either, and your man will have introduced you to all his family and friends. He wants you to be accepted into his inner circle and become a big part of his life. If he didn’t think that the relationship was going anywhere, there would still be some people that you never seem to meet, because he would be playing it safe and keeping some of his life separate from his life with you.

9. He remembers things that are special to you

Signs of true love from a man can also be very subtle. When a man loves you for real, he will remember, even the tiniest of things that are important to you. He will always remember your birthday and he’ll do his best to remember anniversaries too. He will also know all your likes and dislikes, and you’ll be quite often surprised by the little things that he has made a mental note of.

10. When he says “I Love you” you will know that he means it

When it’s true love and a man says “I love you”, there’s something in his eyes that tells you it’s for real. It’s also when he says it that gives the game away. It’s not the routine “love you” at the end of a telephone call; everyone does that. It’s the times that he suddenly turns to you, unexpectedly, and tells you. That’s when he can’t help himself, and he simply has to tell you how he really feels.

H/T: BeautyAndTips