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10 Signs She’s A High Quality Woman

10 Signs She’s A High Quality Woman
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If you were ever lucky enough to meet one of them, you must have noticed these signs:

1. If you have a fight or an argument, she won’t to try to end it by stating stereotypes like ‘all men are the same’ or ‘you men can’t ever understand us’.

She realizes that every situation is different and you need to discuss the cause behind your fight rather than trying to put each other down with generalized statements.

2. She inspires you to reach your true potential and to achieve greater things without being too demanding about it.

Photo by Caique Silva on Unsplash

She won’t force you to pursue the things you should because she trusts you enough to know that you’ll take the right decisions.

3. You feel like the luckiest guy in the world when you’re with her. Because one thing you’re sure of is that someone as amazing as her wouldn’t just date any guy.

She is a strong independent woman and she isn’t afraid of being alone – so she must really like you if she has chosen to share her life with you!

4. She doesn’t need you to be present in her life 24/7. She understands that you’re both two independent individuals who have a life outside of this relationship as well.

You both give each other ample space and time to invest in your friends, family and career.

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5. She doesn’t play childish games or make attempts to get you jealous. She doesn’t have any insecurities about her relationship. She knows what she’s worth and she doesn’t feel the need to keep proving it to you or to herself.

6. You’ve never felt anxious about taking her to meet any of your friends or even your parents, for that matter. You’re aware that she can carry herself well and interact with all kinds of people.

She’s wise enough to know what topics to discuss with your parents and when she’s with your friends, she can let loose and enjoy a good time.

7. She knows how to take care of herself. She never wanted a relationship just so she could depend on someone for all kinds of physical, financial and mental support. No, she was in this to enjoy your company as an equal, to split all the bills, and to make sure that one person in the relationship isn’t being over-burdened.

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8. Her social media presence is not something that she’ll ever need to hide or be embarrassed about.

She knows how to present herself in front of people, whether it’s in person or on a computer screen.

9. She is never shy in the bedroom. If there’s something that she doesn’t or does want to do, she’ll come right out and say it. She’ll even explain her reasons for it instead of just getting awkward.

She doesn’t act like your intimacy is something to be hidden and never talked about. She’s mature enough to accept it as a completely normal and healthy part of your relationship, the part that actually keeps the spark alive between you two.

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10. She has strong opinions on almost every topic. And she’ll never shy down from expressing them just to avoid arguments or to keep everyone happy.

But this doesn’t mean that she’ll ever impose those opinions on you or anyone else. She is open to discussions and any disagreement you have won’t turn into a raging battle.

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