10 Signs She Is Really In Love With You


Here are some signs that your girl is really in love with you.  It can be hard to tell if someone is in love with you, even if you have been dating for awhile. But love can be expressed in many different ways, and recognizing the qualities of a long term commitment, as well as paying attention to your girlfriend’s words and actions, could help you determine if she loves you.

There are many complicated feelings associated with falling in love with someone, it is usually a very passive and emotional experience.

1. She no longer entertains other boys.

The thought of having other romantic men in her life no longer appeals to her. She loves you enough to know that you’re all she needs. She cuts off all ties from other potential suitors because she’s chosen you. You’ve managed to somehow stand out from a crowd and rise above the rest. You have won her heart and there is only room for you.

2. She gives you intimate gifts.

She doesn’t just give you toys or new playthings. She actually puts substantial thought into the gifts that she offers you. She wants them to be meaningful. She wants them to be indicative of the feelings that she has for you. She may not be the most articulate when it comes to talking about how she feels for you, so she tries to put her feelings into gestures.

3. She has occasional silly moments when she’s with you.

She feels comfortable whenever she’s around you. This is especially a big deal if she’s usually a very uptight person who likes to keep to herself. If she allows herself to act silly in front of you, it means she finds solace in you. It means that she’s allowing herself to be vulnerable to you because she knows that you won’t judge her and that you’ll accept her for who she is.

4. She builds her short-term and long-term plans around the both of you.

Her weekend plans? She has to ask you first. What her future career will look like? She has to know how you fit in before she makes any rash decisions. You’re a huge part of her life and she understands that. She builds her plans around your relationship because she sees a future with you. She doesn’t want to make any important decisions without first taking you into consideration.

5. She always makes an effort to talk to you.

You basically consumer her everyday thoughts at this point. She always finds herself wanting to talk with you. She’ll shoot you an occasional text message just to talk about whatever. She feels safe whenever she’s talking to you. It appeases her feelings of loneliness whenever you’re around to converse with her. You stimulate her intellectually and emotionally, so she constantly looks for you when she’s in need of someone to talk to you.

6. She respects your ownership of your time.

Despite her constant desires to be at your side, she also understands that you need to have your space. She respects that you have ownership of your own time, and she’ll honor it. If you want to spend time with your boys, she’ll willingly let you do it even though she wants to be selfish and have you all to yourself.