10 Signs He’s Seriously In Love With You


Some people are really slow to reveal their feelings. He might be giving you all the signs, but either out of a fear of rejection or something else, he isn’t opening his mouth.

But there are also instances when he’s giving you mixed feelings and the likelihood is that he just hasn’t fallen in love with you. Before you have a full-on nervous breakdown over this, let’s take a look at the 10 pure signs he is in love with you for real.

I have a friend who fell in love online – without even realising it!

Basically, she got chatting to a man in America and they Skyped – like every single night.

It took me to point out to her that if she was Skypeing him every single night, and if he was clearly enjoying it, then it must mean something.

“No, he’s just bored,” she insisted.

Look, guys don’t make the effort to talk to you as much as they can unless they have feelings for you.

Sure enough, when my friend asked the American how he felt, he told her that he was madly in love with her.

If your man can’t stop talking to you, and if he often initiates the first contact each day, it’s a surefire sign that he’s fallen in love.

When a man loves a woman, he suddenly can’t stop showering her in treats. He brings her a surprise home after work, pampers her with head massages and whisks her off for weekend getaways.

If you ever need something – anything – he’s got your back. He’s there for you, ready to give at all times. He loves you so much he just wants to splash out on you.

Isn’t it cute when your partner takes notes of the little things, such as the fact that your favourite chocolate is a caramel and you love marshmallows in your hot chocolate?

This is usually a wake-up call that, Hey! this guy actually loves you.

Guys aren’t known for remembering the little thing. In fact, they’re pretty darn notorious for even forgetting key events like our birthday! So once he cleans up his act to the extent that he’s just ordered your favourite food and movie to cheer you up tonight, it means he totally adores you.

When you guys first started dating, sports, video games or work were probably number one in his life. But now that he’s in love with you, he’s ready to drop everything and spend time with you if you need him.

URGH. You know what I hate? When a guy acts as though my opinion means nothing to him.

When he literally bulldozes over my point and does whatever the heck he wants. That’s not love – that’s borderline hate!

So it’s sweet when a man not only appreciates your opinion, but actively encourages it by asking for it.

Sweet, and also instructive in that it means he loves you.

If he wants your thoughts on new clothes he’s thinking of buying or whether he should go and see his friend tonight, it usually means he really really respects and loves you.