10 Reasons Why Men Lose Interest In You


Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why men lose interest.

1. You’re Needy

“But why wouldn’t a guy like it when I show him that I’m devoted to him and want to hear from him?”

Good question. Simple answer? Because guys are from Mars. More complex answer? Because guys like their space. They like their independence, and they don’t appreciate it when a girl is so needy that she basically can’t do anything unless she hears from him.

“Didn’t feel like getting out of bed today because you weren’t around.”

Don’t say this kind of thing to him. He wants you to love him, but he also wants you to have a life without him, too. He can’t be there all the time, and he doesn’t need you to sulk and whine when he’s watching football. Give him a break, and make sure you show him that you’re strong and independent (even if you’re not).

2. You’re Insecure

If you constantly have to seek reassurance from him that he still loves you, and if you’re always asking who the girls are in his life and if he likes them, he’s going to get fed up pretty quickly. Guys don’t like it when we play the victim. Have some confidence in yourself, and always remember that he’s dating you because he genuinely likes you.

3. He’s A Commitment Phobe

So, things started really well. You two were getting along like a house on fire and you thought you were both in this for the long haul. Then, he said he liked you and you said you liked him. Amazing! Then, he went distant. He stopped texting as much, barely called, and no longer said he misses you. He’s definitely cooled. Why? Is it because of something you did? Not necessarily, and this is actually a sign that you’ve got a commitment-phobe on your hands.

Commitment-phobes love the chase more than anything else. They thrive on it. They see chasing you as a competition. And once they’ve won your heart, that’s it. It’s all over. They can go back to starting all over again and chasing someone else. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is with some guys. The worse thing? There isn’t really anything you can do to change a commitment-phobe. It’s something they have to grow out of themselves, this might be one of reasons why men lose interest, but don’t worry it was not a worthy man.

4. Constant Criticism

Guys have egos. You know that. So why the constant criticism that makes him feel inferior? Once a girl makes a guy feel inferior, it’s pretty much game over, it’s one of common reasons why men lose interest, so be careful.

5. He’s Still Not Over His Ex

He’s still not over his ex and never was. He should never have been dating you in the first place! This is not your fault at all. But as hard as you might try to help him overcome his past, this is all on him. Only he can achieve closure, and you know what? Dating you probably isn’t helping. He needs some time away from the dating scene to heal.