10 Reasons Kissing Is Good For Your Health


Kissing does indeed make you feel great. It makes you feel loved, excited and super happy – all at the same time. With such a range of emotions coursing through you, it’s easy to see why kissing is addictive.

Everyone remembers their first kiss. You might also be interested to know that you should kiss more often for the sake of your health. Here are 10 health benefits of kissing:

Who likes pain? Nobody!

Who loves kissing? Everybody!

So, isn’t it amazing that kissing can actually kill pain?! Yes, because that’s how amazing kissing is.

When you lock lips with someone, your body produces more adrenaline, which in turn eases your pain.

Kissing should not, however, be used as an alternative medicine.

Another one of fantastic health benefits of kissing is that it can help burn calories. Kissing is never going to burn as many calories as a morning run, but it does have the potential to eliminate 6 calories on one (extended) kiss.

So whenever you’ve had a bit too much food and drink at Christmas, whip the mistletoe out for a smooch!

Your immune system is vitally important for your health. A poorly functioning immune system makes it harder for you to combat viruses and disease, and can leave you feeling pretty rough and fatigued. It also makes you super susceptible to infection.

One of fabulous health benefits of kissing is that kissing happily strengthens your immune system because by transmitting saliva from one mouth to another, you’re giving your body a better chance of fighting off germs.

When you kiss, your brain releases a wealth of chemicals that make you feel amazing, including dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. This is good news for your happiness and overall wellbeing, and it also tightens the bonds of your relationship.

According to MSN:

“’This [oxytocin] is the hormone of love, and the better the oxytocin levels, the more capacity for love,’ explains psychotherapist Arthur Janov, Ph.D., author of ‘The Biology of Love’ and the director of the Primal Center in Santa Monica, Calif. ‘We have found that those who cannot commit in a love relationship are low in oxytocin.’”

Kissing also triggers the same regions in your brain that scientists have connected to addiction and reward. According to research:

“Kissing may have evolved as a way to stimulate brain systems associated with sex drive, romantic love, and attachment so that humans are triggered to seek a variety of potential mates, then focus attention on one for mating, and finally be able to tolerate that mate long enough to raise a child as a team.”

When you put weight on, the first place it always goes is your face. Not cool!

Although there are numerous facial exercises you can carry out to improve the shape of your face, kissing is easily the most fun of them all.

Studies have demonstrated that puckering up vigorously works your jawline and neck muscles so much that your face becomes more toned over time.

And the best thing? Kissing doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted like a regular gym session!