10 Excuses A Cheaters Is Going To Give After They Cheat On You


Cheating in a relationship just sucks, If someone cheats on you, and uses one of these lines, you had better not give them a second chance. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and get out of there.

You need to be aware of the  common excuses that cheaters give in relationships below

1. She came onto me

Um… Is because she flirted with you, or tried to hook up with you, you had to go through with it? No one forced you into it, so don’t act like you had no choice in the matter, dudes. I get that it can be flattering when someone comes onto you, but that doesn’t mean you give into temptation. I know a lot of people who try to explain their cheating but acting like it was the other person’s fault… It’s a good way to direct their partner’s anger elsewhere. It’s also so messed up and cowardly.

2. I thought you were cheating also, so…

So instead of talking to your partner about what’s been going on, you just decided you might as well cheat also? Makes sense.

3. I was drunk

Maybe the worst excuse for anything ever. Yes, you lose inhibitions when you’re drinking. Yes, you do things you may not have done when sober. But just because you were drunk doesn’t mean you can’t take responsibility for your actions. Alcohol doesn’t excuse anything.

4. You’re so jealous, you pushed me to do this

This is another example of blaming the victim. Also, it makes no sense. “You always thought I was cheating, so I decided, hey, might as well cheat and prove you right.” what? Why would you do that? Look, if your partner is too jealous, communicate or end things if it’s really making you unhappy. Don’t cheat on them to try to prove some sort of lesson. Also, don’t make your partner feel like this is their fault. Again, you made a conscious decision to cheat. It’s your fault.

5. We just haven’t had sex in so long…

Oh, how sad for you. Then maybe you should have, a, talked about it; or, b, broken up with the person if you weren’t happy. If you’re not having enough sex to satisfy you, you say something to your partner. You communicate like a mature person. You don’t decide to just hook up with someone else. And if you have communicated and you’re still not happy, break up with that person! Why is that such a difficult concept? Also, don’t blame your partner after you cheat. That is so messed up.

6. I felt neglected and wanted attention

Aw, poor you! Look, I get that feeling neglected by your partner sucks, but again, communicate with them! Don’t react by cheating on them! This is so lame and douchey it makes me want to scream.

8. It just happened

Ummm. Obviously it “Happened.” this can’t even be considered an excuse, yet people say it. It didn’t “Just” happen. You made a conscious decision to cheat. You went through with the whole thing. You didn’t just wake up in someone else’s arms like, “Huh… How did I get here?”

9. I had to see if I really want to be with you, and I realized I do

If a guy ever says this to you, he’s a loser and you need to get away from him immediately. He shouldn’t need to prove his love for you, especially by hooking up with someone else. Maybe he really did realize that he made a mistake after he cheated on you. But that doesn’t excuse his behavior.

10. It was just sex, it didn’t mean anything to me!

Oh, great, that makes me feel so much better! If it meant nothing and was no big deal, you’ll probably never do it again, right? Wrong. First of all, even if it didn’t mean anything to the cheater, it means something to the partner. Second of all, cheating isn’t just sex. It’s also about disrespect and dishonesty.

H/T: Gurl Jessica Booth