If Your Girl Does One of These 10 Things, Do Not Let Her Go

We know that every girl is different and so is every relationship, but if you see any of these below listed 10 things in the girl you are dating, we say you keep her and your relationship.

1. If she trusts you

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Videos of how girls try to unlock their guys’ iphones are quite famous on the internet; and true to some extent too. It is really easy to get to know all about a person’s life by either raiding their cell phone or reading the diary they write. But if we look closely, it damages a relationship more than anything else can. Lack of trust can be as harmful to a relationship as lack of sugar in a pie. Trust is a hard virtue to find.

Also, it can take years to earn someone’s trust while it can only take seconds to break it. While trust is a beautiful thing to have in a friend, it is even more beautiful if your lover has it in you. It is magical, indeed, to have someone in your life who would completely trust you with everything. If you have a girl who does not doubt you but only wishes well for you, then you are a lucky guy, and you ought to put the same amount of trust in her.


2. If she does not take your excuses

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If your girl does not listen to all the excuses you make in order to escape the tough times, never let her go. You think you do not like it when she does that, but deep down there, you know that she is supporting you and she will never let go of you, that surely means you like it. Such strengthening girls want to see you in the places you have dreamed about. They want you to succeed and go through all the thick and thin of life like a thunderbolt.

Such girls make you tough and they are there to support you during your rough times. The way they support you means that they will always stay by you and never let go of you and will always be there to support you, no matter what. She wants to see you at heights beyond infinity and she sees herself with you. If you already have one like this, never ever let her go and stick to her, the way she sticks to you.

3. If she knows how to deal with your anger

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Everyone has the tendency to be angry, it’s normal; we all just have different lengths to which our calmness can persist. It can be a bit easy for guys who are chill but if you are naturally a short-tempered person and cannot help it, your girlfriend’s way of treating you while you are angry may matter a lot to you. If the girl in your life knows how to deal with your anger instead of being uneasy about it, you have got the perfect person, my friend.

It can be one of her greatest qualities to bring you down from ˜I am going to kill you’ state to ˜hey, no problem’ state. If not completely calming you down, then just understanding your state and keeping quiet can be of help too. But hey, keep your emotions intact. Try to control your temper, it’s not like she’s someone you can just throw all your anger at because of your inadequacies. Do not test her tolerance level. Sometimes, we lose it and that’s perfectly fine. We’re human. *continue reading to next page*

4. If she believes in you

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Love is something that can make you do things you do not want to do. You do them just to satisfy your girl and make her feel loved. It is not only you who does that. The girl also does such things for you. Just to keep the thing alive, partners make compromises.

But of course, this is not the only basis. You need a girl who believes in you and who helps you think that you can just do it, whatever it is, you can do it, if she is by your side and if she believes in you.

Remember, love can make you do things belonging to both the extremes: they can be constructive as well as destructive, depending upon the scenario. Choose your girl wisely. Choose the one who sees a hero in you and who would do anything to keep your morals high. She is the one whose love is not limited to the circle of love only, but expands beyond the limitations of life.

5. If she respects your privacy

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We have all known that one guy who suddenly got lost somewhere as soon as he found a girlfriend for himself. We are not implying that girls are devils-with-horns who cuff their boyfriends up to a pole and don’t let them leave the house. It is on both the guy and the girl to decide for their privacy and freedom.

But sometimes, girls get a little too possessive and, unknowingly, they persuade their men to spend all of their time with them. Now, that may be out of excessive love and care for you but it is not healthy. Everybody needs some alone time or a good day out with friends, be it a man or a woman. So, if your girl understands that and lets you have some ˜guy time’ with your buddies, you have got a great blessing in disguise of her.

6. If she makes you act, not just dream

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Behind every successful man is the hand of a woman. You have been hearing it from the start of the century. All men are dreamers. But if your girl is pragmatic enough to remove the blinds of laziness and incompetence from your mind’s window each day and wakes you up to go turn your dreams into reality, she ought to stay in your life. It is one of the saddest things to die with a dream capsized within.

Having somebody to make us get up each morning with the aim to accomplish our ambitions is a blessing not everyone has. Think about it, what good would it bring to your girl? You’ll be the one going out there and getting your goals accomplished. Your happiness when that happens, then, will be her happiness. Yes, you dream of flying and, yes, you also have wings. But what if your partner can teach you just the right art of flying? Not a stone to throw away now, is it?

7. If she exposes you to intellectual things:

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It might sound overrated at first, but if your girl exposes you to books that make you think of things you never thought of before; to music you never knew you would like so much; to places that end up being better than your imaginations and so forth, you ought to keep her. Intellect from such otherwise minor yet constructive sources around you can be a good step-up for building your character.

It will make you well known among people¦ like how you could easily answer something diplomatic someone might have said at the party last weekend, all thanks to something you read in a book your partner made you read. These things may sound boring at first. But there is always more than meets the eye and it can be helpful for you in the long run.

8. If she empowers you

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Fear is an illusion, at its best. It is used to control you. However, if you are lucky enough to have a girl by your side who makes you fall out of this illusion and teaches you to face your fears, then she is meant to be held on to, always. You only ever meet those who want to control you, make you fearful and get to your weak spots. So if your girl makes you see the fear you drown into is nothing but an illusion then you win the battle; you might as well have her by your side to feast in the victory “ don’t let her go. Such a partner can be your greatest source of empowerment in the long run of things to come.

All of life is a battle. You need strategies to win it. Having a good partner by your side will ease things for you: when you see her determined, you will want to be determined too; when you see her hopeful, you will find hope; when you see her fall then get back up again, you will want to keep going forward. Both of you will be growing as individuals in your relationship. You should really hold on to a girl like that.

9. If she has an elastic heart:

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Girls are sensitive, naturally. They take a while to heal, but they do. Still, if your girl takes all the spiteful words you throw at her patiently instead of getting into action too and slamming the door and leaving, she is worth keeping. It shows multiple sides of a strong character in her: patience, understanding, a forgiving nature, compassion and the list goes on.

You will say things to her you as well as she knows you don’t mean. And despite that, if she sits there patiently waiting for the common sense fairy to smack you in the back of the head, she has an elastic heart and anything negative you say and do won’t cause her to break¦ no matter how sharp your blade is.

In other terms, when a girl does not let her inborn soft nature get in the way of your relationship’s objectivity, do not let her go. She will not let you see it, but her patience level is the size of a threshold. That deserves to be valued in every sense of the word.

10. If she respects your family:

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Take your girl to lunch sometime with your family. By the end of it, if she gets a good laugh around the table, both your parents like her, your siblings enjoy her company, then seriously, she is a precious one and you really ought to stick to her. These days, when many families have their own highly select choices in partners, liking other family members’ choices in dating can be time consuming and is often unpredictable.

You never know if your family will just ignore the fact that your girl doesn’t mind the ketchup stains on your shirt or likes to do laundry in the middle of the night. Therefore, if she plays the family card right and everyone at home ends up liking her genuinely, keep her.

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